FlexiFilter 50 (300g)

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FlexiFilter 50 is a highly efficient filter for industrial and domestic use. FlexiFilter 50 cubes are able to replace traditional filtration materials for water purification in garden pools, large tanks and other water systems. With FlexiFilter, you can replace the sand in your current pool filtration. Replacing the sand (or cartridge) in the pool filtration will significantly increase the quality of water purification.

FlexiFilter is a highly efficient filter for industrial and domestic use. FlexiFilter is a filter material with an excellent efficiency. It has a higher filtration capacity compared to traditional sand, cartridge, and other filters. Thanks to a deep filtration, it absorbs a larger number of impurities. The material is lightweight for easy handling. FlexiFilter works with a very low pressure drop.

FlexiFilter is characterized by high efficiency – it catches dirt of up to 0.003 mm and partially up to 0.001 mm.

To close the FlexiFilter 50 filter layer, we recommend using a FlexiFilter 400 or FlexiFilter 300… round filter as the last layer, depending on the diameter of your filter housing.

Advantages of replacing filter sand with the FlexiFilter material for pool filtration

+ 300g FlexiFilter (1 pack) replaces fully 25 kg of sand.

+ Trapping of impurities of up to 0.003mm.
/Filter sand captures impurities of only 10 times greater roughness./

+ Easy trapping of impurities
High absorption of impurities by a depth filtration. Less frequent need for rinsing = less water added and further savings for its treatment and heating.
/ The sand filtration must be rinsed 3x – 4x more often./

+ A low pressure drop = energy savings
/ When using sand, the pressure loss is 10 times higher./

Already in the first year of use, FlexiFilter pays off thanks to savings from the filtration operation.

Delivery time: dispatch 1-14 days from order confirmation (based on the stock).
Delivery: The products are delivered by a delivery service provider.
Warranty period: 24 months.
Packaging: transport bag, content weight – 300 g.

Amount of FlexiFilter packs for replacing sand in the filter housing:
20 to 25kg of sand… 1 pack of 300g
up to 50 kg of sand… 2 packs of 300 g
up to 75 kg of sand… 3 packs of 300 g
up to 100 kg of sand… 4 packs of 300 g
up to 125 kg of sand… 5 packs of 300 g
up to 150 kg of sand… 6 packs of300 g
up to 175 kg of sand… 7 packs of 300 g
up to 200 kg of sand … 8 packs of 300 g


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